Christmas crafts galore!


We have started December in a lovely Christmassy mood here in Daisies!

This week our babies have been very busy making some Christmas craft with glitter and paint literally all around their bodies!

On Tuesday, the children went to the last session of the term of Monkey Music and they loved it! They did lots of noise with the musical instruments and enjoyed all the Christmas songs, especially Jingle Bells!

The balls have been very popular this week and our children had a really good time throwing them back and forth!

Oh, and we’re quite sure you will agree that boxes are the best thing ever, especially when they’re full of toys making climbing in so much better, right?!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


This week in Dragonflies we've been doing lots of crafts.

The children loved gluing and sticking to create a snowman, they also learnt how to say 'snowman' and once it was finished they all were amazed!!

The children also enjoyed making cards and decorations for their family, some of them were saying 'wow!’

We also had so much fun getting very messy with the shaving foam, of course it went everywhere, in our hair, face and all over our hands.

Have a lovely weekend!!


This week in Incy Wincy Spiders we've spent most of our time 'Walking in a winter wonderland!’

We started with our Christmas decorations, and some of our older spiders helped us to hang up baubles with lots of exclamations of ‘Oh pretty!’

We've even made our very own snowflakes this week using popsicle sticks and glittery paint. The trickiest part of this activity came when the children had to paint the actual snowflake and not the paper it rested on, although it did produce some beautiful artwork to put up!

Then came the highlight of our week when we truly went walking in a winter wonderland!

We decorated our large turf tray using a large cloth of cotton wool and some fake snow, combined with glitter and snowflakes. Adding in some water beads and blue tissue paper, we created some water for our winter wonderland animals.

Then we let our little spiders go wild and play freely! The favorite thing they found was the fake snow which they learnt to sprinkle and what different textures feel like when we compared the fake snow with the cotton wool.

We've had a really great week making our Christmas craft and exploring our winter turf tray.

Have a lovely weekend!


Christmas has started in busy bees!

We have got very messy while painting Christmas trees and melted snowmen which can be seen on our new washing line in the Play room. We also decorated stockings with snowflakes and little trees.

Before lunch children were sitting quietly listening to the Christmas story and enjoyed finding story characters in the prepared tray.

In the garden, bubbles have been an absolute favourite with all the children running around shouting 'pop!’

The children have also enjoyed mark making in our homemade snow (flour and glitter) and we had many helpers when came to sweep flour of the floor.

Have a great weekend everyone!


This week, we have been feeling very festive in Ladybirds! We continued with our Christmas craft and gave the children the option if they wanted to paint a tree, star or reindeer - the tree was very popular!

We have been reading lots of Christmas stories and listening to Christmas music which led to lots of dancing.

We have been talking about snow lots, so decided instead of waiting for Mother Nature we would make some of our own. We had loads of fun covering the cars in snow - this led one child to telling me that Daddy needed to scrape it! We also practiced our gross motor skills by making lots of big shapes in the snow with our hands, making circles and lines. We also made our very own snow kingdom out of sheets and blankets, the children just loved crawling in and out and we had a chorus of Jingle Bells!

Have a lovely weekend!


It's official - Christmas has arrived in Pre-School! The children loved putting up the tree at the start of the week and each day more and more decorations have been added. Trust me, the tree is in there somewhere!

Many of our children are experiencing growth spurts at the moment so we made an obstacle course to focus on our balancing techniques but as one child put it... 'Why do I need to balance when I can fly?'… While jumping off the blocks and running off!

Using mirrors we looked closely at our faces and talked about the differences and similarities between us - this led to us making faces using a variety of resources from goggle eyes to pink wool. Of course, many of the faces are now hung on the Christmas tree!

We also made snow, snow balls and ice bergs this week - we talked about which animals can be found in the Arctic and Antarctic resulting in us making homes for penguins. Trying to convince the children that penguins do not lie down to sleep and that they carry their eggs using their feet was quite tricky.

Lots of Phonics sessions took place this week, French on Wednesday was, as always tres bon and we made a lovely 'winter warmer' vegetable soup. We even had time to start building Santa's Grotto - It really has been a busy week!

I have to include this last bit as it really did make me chuckle. At the end of the day, a young man needed the toilet so off we went, he went into the toilet and I sat outside. After 3 minutes I asked 'Dave (change of name here to save dignity) are you ok?’ 'Yep' came the response. After a further couple of minutes, 'Dave you’re not asleep are you?' 'No, still going' he said, 'Ok mate, would you like a book or paper?' 'No thanks I've got some.’

Have a great weekend everyone!

Pre School team

Singing Jingle Bells, making snowmen, walking in a Winter Wonderland and overloading the Christmas tree!